1. diseased, in poor health, unhealthy, infirm, decrepit, sick, sickly, ailing, ill, unwell; pathological, morbid, afflicted, affected, infected; laid up, off one's feed, indisposed; deranged, abnormal, unbalanced, unhinged; demented, crazy, mad, insane, Sl. nuts; mentally deficient or retarded, feeble-minded, simple, dim-witted, incompetent.
2. decayed, unwholesome, rotten, full of dry rot, crumbling, disintegrated; impaired, imperfect, defective, marred, flawed, blemished, broken, disfigured, mutilated.
3. shaky, wobbly, tottery, unsteady, unstable, rickety, flimsy; in disrepair, in need of repair, broken-down; precarious, dangerous, unreliable, unsafe, unsubstantial.
4. fallacious, illogical, Logic. paralogistic, faulty, flawed, Sl. cockeyed; unfounded, ungrounded, groundless, untenable, invalid; false, untrue, not true, erroneous, mistaken, incorrect, Sl. all wet, all wrong, deceptive.
5.(of sleep) fragile, light, unquiet, uneasy, unpeaceful, troubled, fitful, restless; tossing, tossing and turning.
6. without adequate backing, in debt, indebted, encumbered, insolvent, in the red; bankrupt, Inf. on the rocks, ruined; one step ahead of the bill collector, struggling to keep the wolf from the door; hardscrab-ble, low-profit.

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